Guided Tour

Every now and then I send a friend or family member a link to a story, and they ask me where they can find more. So, from now on I’ll keep a running summary of my favorites, whether fiction or not. The most recent writing will be at the top of the list, and it includes the earlier nature-oriented blog.

BTW – Flash is a super short story that can range anywhere from a sentence to under a thousand words, popular lately because short attention spans rock.


The Hunter

I decided to let a true ghost story podcast inspire me a bit.

Raven’s Eggs

This is a long term project I’m happily dawdling through. It’s helping prevent full writer’s block while I adapt to living in a new city, with a toddler who has developed a mastery of distraction skills.

Gettin’ My Cultural Groove On

A brief tour of my new ‘hood, first impressions of NYC suburbia.

The Loop

One of these days someone’s going to ask the right question when they read this and I’ll end up so happy.

How Saturday Morning Cartoons Caused My Family More Than Their Share of Grief

Where I didn’t want to be a Brownie, I wanted to be a brownie, but either way I probably would have ended up wanting to live in the woods no matter what influences I had, honestly.

The Entomologist: In Which I Set Three Dead Bodies On Fire

Flash. I like both the story and the journal pages I drew on this one.


From The Older Blog

Old Man 21: A Wolf of Mythic Proportions

This is what happens when you study the art of story-telling and watch nature documentaries. Also, most legendary wolf ever.

For What It’s Worth

One of my favorite adventures to tell from when I lived on the street. The one with belly dancing hippies surrounded by cops in Pre-Katrina New Orleans right before Mardi Gras.

The Bee People Have Corrupted Me, Or Saved Me, Whatever

When I say I like to run around and take pictures of bugs for fun, this is the kind of stuff that happens from it.

Waxing Poetic

Where I wrote a poem about my favorite flower in celebration of the good news that our life was about to change. I managed to work in a little Lovecraft and distaste with suburban conformity as well, because why the fuck not?