Guided Tour

Every now and then I send a friend or family member a link to a story, and they ask me where they can find more. So, from now on I’ll keep a running summary of my favorites, whether fiction or not. The most recent writing will be at the top of the list, and it includes the earlier nature-oriented blog.

BTW – Flash is a super short story that can range anywhere from a sentence to under a thousand words, popular lately because short attention spans rock.


Zombie Tarot Flash Posts
Once upon a time, I thought using tarot card prompts for quick and easy ideas to feed the weekly story machine would get me through a couple of busy weeks, but I ended up sticking with it for a few months because it was so fun.
Here’s a list of stories using this method.

The Hunter

I decided to let a true ghost story podcast inspire me a bit.

The Loop

One of these days someone’s going to ask the right question when they read this and I’ll end up so happy.

The Entomologist: In Which I Set Three Dead Bodies On Fire

Flash. I like both the story and the journal pages I drew on this one.



I still write about my life, but I do so on Here are a few things that were written before I separated my writings by fiction and non-fiction.

Sometimes you have to carry your home on the inside.
The first part of this post opens up my soul a little bit. It’s a travel post, about how Staten Island reminds me of a recurring dream I have, one that is wanderlust driven.

Gettin’ My Cultural Groove On

A brief tour of my new ‘hood, first impressions of NYC suburbia.

How Saturday Morning Cartoons Caused My Family More Than Their Share of Grief

Where I didn’t want to be a Brownie, I wanted to be a brownie, but either way I probably would have ended up wanting to live in the woods no matter what influences I had, honestly.

Waxing Poetic

Where I wrote a poem about my favorite flower in celebration of the good news that our life was about to change. I managed to work in a little Lovecraft and distaste with suburban conformity as well, because why the fuck not?