When I was a little girl, all I wanted was to run away and live in the woods. It didn’t work, but I never could fully shake the dream. Currently, the only way I express this in my life is through a love of eating weeds, chasing bugs around with my camera, and watching nature documentaries.

Lately, my life is going through some changes. I might be closer to reaching my goal of owning a little land far away from it all, but in the meantime I’m going to be making a brief home of New York City. The exact opposite of the woods.

Thankfully, I love adventure as much as I do nature, and I’m going to have lots of places to explore. I am trilled with the idea of writing in certain types of inspiring locations, things that are connected to legend, culture, or history in an inspiring way. Or haunted spots, that could be fun too.

I love to throw myself into a creative lifestyle, exploring combinations of visual prompts with writing exercises, various ways of dancing with my muse. So, I’m looking forward to exploring New York City and all it’s hidden inspirations.

I’m planning ghost tours, maps of Chinatown, eating dandelions with Wildman Steve Brill, touring a rooftop farm, tons of stuff. Unfortunately, I’ll have to do it around Joe’s busy work schedule and energy levels, so it’s more normal life than touristy around here, but new environments are always fun to explore.

And, when I can, I might nip down to some place by a pretty lake where Bigfoot has been seen nearby, or you can dig up your own quartz. What can I say? I have diverse interests. That’s why it took seven years to get my four-year degree.

P.S. – I have a visual story prompt board on Pinterest if you’re into that kind of thing.