When I was a little girl, all I wanted was to run away and live in the woods. It didn’t work, but I never could fully shake the dream. Currently, the only way I express this in my life is through a love of eating weeds, chasing bugs around with my camera, and watching nature documentaries.

Recently, I had a taste of adventure, and though it ended, I’m thinking it’s time to really start pushing myself more to make some lifestyle changes. I’ve been working to strengthen myself for hiking and I think it’s time to get out and explore my own city for a while. After all, I’ve only lived in this city for about a decade, and most of that time was spent as a pedestrian in a city with lousy public transportation, unable to rely on a bike as I have most of my life due to having a small child that would have to go with me everywhere.

That small child is now almost a man, and while I have another little shadow (this time with pink bows), I also have a car, a laptop, and the internet. Resources.

Maybe it’s time to learn local history and run around with the kids. I’ve already found out some fun stuff. The downtown bus station that I used to spend hours at every week was on a corner that kissed the edge of the old official cemetery of Tulsa, that even when they were building the BOK center they were still uncovering skeletons. Be still, my gothic heart, before I swoon in delight.

So, adventures will be had, and I will share them, but they may be only occasional as I’m madly in love with my current book idea. In the meantime, I’m going to play with tarot cards and fill this blog up with flash.