This is a Big Day, Post One

There will be two posts today, and the first contains a bit of writing that is non-fiction and you should read it because it is very well written *cough*.

It’s not on this blog, because it’s on a new blog, a blog that will only discuss my non-fiction life as a…. um… me. I mean, the things I do range from chasing bees with a camera to writing horror, learning to train dogs, and this thing coming up that I will post later today that I find even more exciting than opening a new blog.

That blog would be, and if you like my fiction, you can now be happy that I won’t be interrupting it with “hey, check out my dog” or “fuck we’re moving again”. Just smooth, uninterrupted fiction with the occasional brief P.S. If, on the other hand, you enjoyed back in the day when I talked about my life more…. you know, I’m going to detour here a bit.

I have a fan. This is cool, this has provided me with motivation. There’s a person in real life that I shared a link to my blog with (because I had just moved in to her Staten Island house and thought she might like to see what I wrote about it), and she ended up liking my writing so much, she said she wasn’t a reader but she couldn’t stop reading it, and she actually texted me recently asking if I had written any more non-fiction. When I told her I was thinking about starting a non-fiction blog, she asked me about a month later if it had gone up yet.

Y’all. I’m not even published yet, and I have an actual admirer. I’m just tickled pink. So, Mary, you’ll be happy to know that blog is now live, and if you subscribe to it, you’ll be emailed when I write a non-fiction piece.

I bet it was that bit where I started talking about getting trampled in pre-Katrina New Orleans, on the evening that ended up in a warehouse surrounded by hippies and cops. Oh yeah, and the mayor. Police commissioner. Cool party.

Fuck. I don’t have anything to put on the featured image. New puppy it is. Stay tuned though, later today there will be a more fiction related update that I know you will enjoy.

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