Moving Blog

Okay, so I know I’ve been inactive enough to where any followers that see this might wonder who on earth I am, and clicking to see my blog will show that I have deleted all my posts. That’s because I’m going to be revising many of them and re-releasing them. But if you’re wondering who I am, well I used to release flash every week based on tarot cards I pulled, with lots of serial killers and monsters.

Anyway, if you’re seeing this because you follow me, then it seems you liked the content, and should come and follow me over here:

I’ll be participating in Grim List again this year, so new stories will be churning out shortly.  Also, one character from last year’s prompts will be returning, so the relevant bit of flash will be posted. After Grim List is over, I will return to occasionally posting a bit of flash. Also, photos. I seem to be taking my photography more seriously now.